Szépségápolással kapcsolatos képek váltakoznakSzépségápolással kapcsolatos képek váltakoznakSzépségápolással kapcsolatos képek váltakoznakSzépségápolással kapcsolatos képek váltakoznakSzépségápolással kapcsolatos képek váltakoznakSzépségápolással kapcsolatos képek váltakoznakSzépségápolással kapcsolatos képek váltakoznakSzépségápolással kapcsolatos képek váltakoznak

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By removing dead skin cells we can intensify the skin breathing and absorption of the applied products. After a full body peeling the skin becomes soft, silky and hydrated.

Treatment process: To enhance the peeling effect we massage the whole body using a product containing microparticles. A quick and refreshing shower helps to remove the residues of the peeling.
Effect: helps removing dead skin cells, increasing circulation and activating the skin renewal process.


The rich mineral salt content makes this peeling a direct introduction to the world of wellbeing and relaxing therapies. It contains Salies de Bearn thermal salts from France, malachite for relaxing the tired skin, sapphire to provide vitality and organic mud and hematite to hydrate and fortify the skin tissue.
Treatment time:40 minutes7.900 Ft


Peeling cream that renews and smoothes the skin. It has great hydration properties, and the mixture of orange, apricot, grape and lychee particles leave the skin perfectly cleansed and ready to start the treatment rituals. Its pleasant texture and its fine particles carry us away to a whole world of sensations.
Active ingredients: orange, apricot, grape, lychee.
Treatment time:40 minutes7.900 Ft


Renovating body cream with balancing effect. Sesame, jojoba and turmeric give this peeling the benefit and power of the Ayurveda world. The client experiences a pleasant feeling of relaxation and wellbeing with an invigorating, restructuring treatment.
Active ingredients: sesame, Indian saffron, jojoba, avocado, beeswax.
Treatment time:40 minutes7.900 Ft


The wraps can be used to solve various problems such as improving circulation, cellulite, hydration, slimming, regeneration, etc.

Treatment process: we apply the different massage cream, algae, chocolate, mud, etc. with soft, smoothing movements, then wrap the body. The treatment is carried out at 38-39 C° in a comfortable lying position.
Effect: revitalizing, activates fat breakdown, moisturizes the skin and provides the mineral supply.


Body wrap with sapphire particles. A soft, velvety texture that provides vitality and dynamics to improve tissue tone and release muscle tension.
The energy of the sapphire stone is concentrated in chakras, and it has a very positive effect on the energy field as a whole. Increases the body temperature by increasing the energy channels.
Treatment time:50 minutes9.500 Ft


Body remodelling and remineralizing mud with great hydrating effect, it prepares the skin and conditions it after sunbathing, cold weather aggressions and dehydration. A complete therapy based on clay and hematite with powerful fortifying and activating effects on circulation.
Active ingredients: organic mud and hematite
Treatment time:50 minutes9.500 Ft

DETOX BODY WRAP with green tea extract

Green tea and citrus fruits give this body wrap detoxifying and purifying properties. It promotes liquid drainage, the removal of toxins and generally alleviates, therefore improving the metabolism of lipids and retained fats.
Active ingredients: green tea, citrus fruits.
Treatment time:50 minutes9.500 Ft


Black cocoa has a powerful anti-free radical activity, which promotes cell oxygenation. Thanks to calcium, potassium and magnesium content it has a remineralizing and hydrating action, which improves the quality of the skin. Cocoa improves circulation, thanks to its polyphenol (flavonoids) content, which reduces blood vessel inflammation. Stimulates cell metabolism thanks to caffeine, and helps to remove fats. Black cocoa secretes endorphins, which have sedative and analgesic effects producing a feeling of well-being.
Treatment time:50 minutes9.500 Ft


Relaxing and calming ginger body wrap, particularly indicated for muscular tension. Ginger has great antioxidant properties, and is a powerful resource for promoting the blood flow and therefore alleviating muscle tension and contractions.
Active ingredients: ginger
Treatment time:50 minutes6.500 Ft

RELAX COOLING BODY WRAP with arctic plants extract

Relaxing and fortifying body wrap that stimulates peripheral circulation. Its concentration of specific active ingredients increases the blood flow and capillary strength, which enhances body relaxation thanks to its active ingredients Blueberries, mint and eucalyptus. This treatment alleviates the feeling of heavy legs and tiredness caused by deficient circulation or intense physical exercise. The force exerted by the therapist and relaxation together ensure the wellbeing of guests.
Blueberries: One of its characteristics is the abundance of natural pigments that have an antioxidant activity. They neutralise free radical activity that is harmful to the organism, therefore producing very diverse physiological effects: anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial action.
Treatment time:50 minutes6.500 Ft


Massage is one of the oldest and most pleasant natural (free from harmful side effects) approach to preventing disease and healing.

Treatment schedule: There are already many kinds of massage, but each has a beneficial effect on body and mind. Every massage has its own philosophy, origin, and each one has its own limits.
Effect: massage improves cell metabolism, congestion occurs in the skin. Invigorates the blood and lymph circulation, which helps the absorption of various connective tissue deposits, thus reducing the amount of fat unloading. Helps to relax muscles, so it has a calming effect.

GELLY MASSAGE with malachite

Gelly massage oil with malachite. Valued treatment for balancing energy and releasing tensions to increase mind and body harmony. This oil is used in specialised massage therapies and has powerful hydration and nutritional properties that increase the skin’s defences and restores radiance. It also promotes skin dynamics and has effective anti-free radical activity.
Active ingredients: malachite
Treatment time:50 minutes8.900 Ft

HOLISTIC CREAM MASSAGE with bamboo extract

Relaxing cream with powerful emollient and toning properties, which make it ideal for body massage. It has significant energizing and revitalizing effects that carry the client away to a serene, balanced ambience.
Active ingredients:
  • Bamboo: activates energy, invigorating, fortifies the skin
  • Lotus flower: revitalises, nourishes, anti-ageing properties.
  • Water lily: provides serenity, desensitises, balances.
Treatment time:50 minutes8.900 Ft

TRIDOSHA MASSAGE with Indian spices

The 5 basic elements Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Ether are combined in this cream that is made up of the three humours Vata, Pitta and Kapha. A perfect balance between these three doshas is essential for the physiological conditions that converge in this massage.
Active ingredients: coconut, sesame, Indian saffron, neem, poppy
Treatment time:50 minutes8.900 Ft


Aromatherapy massage is particularly suited to conditions involving stress or improving emotionally-related conditions. This helps is alleviating stress and speeding up healing. The essential oils affect the nervous system, thus improving mood and relaxing or energizing us. Aromatherapy renews the mind, body and spirit of the individual, as well as their natural well-being. Essential oils can be choosed and mixed on request of the client.
  • Lemon essential oil - Energetic essential oil that enables the organism to fight efficiently against nervous tension.
  • Ylang-Ylang essential oil - This flower has a happy, sensual aroma that stimulates and tones. Extracts of the blossom of ylang-ylang tree from India.
  • Neroli essential oil - Extract of orange blossom, a powerful calming agent that rests the organism and relieves anxiety and stress.
  • Lavander essential oil - Used for its regenerative and muscle relaxing action.
  • Myrrh essential oil - Has immunity stimulant effects.
Treatment time:50 minutes8.900 Ft


The lava stone massage is performed with hot vulcanic stones, the healing effect of which has been known to the science of healing thousands of years before. The smooth, flat, 50-60 °C stones placed over the acupuntcure points of the body surface, improve the energy-flow, resolve the tension and rigidity of the muscles, release the blocks. The primary goal of the massage is not healing, but the relaxation, the enhancement of vitality, the harmonisation of body and soul, the relief of stress.
During the stone massage we moisturize the skin with massage oil enriched with special essential oils, combining massage and aromatherapy. The effectiveness of the combination of hot stones and aromatherapy is based on that the stoned keep their high temperature for a long time, helping the essential oils making their way into the skin much easier and deeper. The various semi-precious stones placed over the chakras: hematite, jasper, tiger’s eye, rose quartz, turquoise, sodalite, amethyst emit different vibrations, which also have a beneficial effect on the harmonisation of the body’s energy, invigorate the flow of positive energy. The stimulation of chakras helps to transform the everyday stress and restlessness into peace and calm.
The hot stone massage is recommended for everyone, whose medical condition allows it. Its positive effects can be noticed the most in the blood circulation and the lymph circulation. In the spirit of healthy lifestyle, it accelerates the detoxification processes, and thanks to the accompanying manual massage, it loosens up the muscles. The lava stone massage offers refreshment for the healthy person, and renews the body and the soul.
Treatment time:50 minutes9.500 Ft

The treatment duration for information only, individuals may vary!
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