Szépségápolással kapcsolatos képek váltakoznakSzépségápolással kapcsolatos képek váltakoznakSzépségápolással kapcsolatos képek váltakoznakSzépségápolással kapcsolatos képek váltakoznakSzépségápolással kapcsolatos képek váltakoznakSzépségápolással kapcsolatos képek váltakoznakSzépségápolással kapcsolatos képek váltakoznakSzépségápolással kapcsolatos képek váltakoznak

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SKEYNDOR – Specialist in anti-age cosmetics

The skin treatment and the contemporary concept of beauty are a continuous challenge to our products and services. SKEYNDOR is a professional cosmetics brand aiming to provide th ebest quality through pioneering scientific research in order to identify the most sffective products. SKEYNDOR has responded to the challenges facing the cosmetic sector in recent years, by offering a series of innovative products.
The SKEYNDOR product range is made up of:



IONTO-SKIN ABRASION1 session12.500 Ft
Combined with ultrasound5 sessions56.300 Ft
10 sessions112.500 Ft

IONTO-COMED SKIN ABRASION is a rejuvenating facial treatment in order to stimulate cell turnover and improve skin tone. The basic principle of skin rejuvenation is a controlled removal of the dead outermost surface of the skin with koridon crystals, so the skin is encouraged to produce a new layer of skin cells. As a result of the removal of the upper layers of the skin, fresh skin cell formation is stimulated in the basal layer, thus the skin structure rejuvenates. It stimulates formation of new cells and prepares the skin ideally for rapid absorption of special active agents and vitamins we put after the treatment to nourish and hydrate the skin, maximizing the effects of the peeling process. It is highly suitable for treating acne skin, burn scars, soften pregnancy stretch marks, wrinkles, pigmented skin and other skin problems.
A megvastagodott szarúréteg gátolja a hatóanyag bejutását A hatóanyag bejut
A megvastagodott szarúréteget eltávolítja A kezelés után 70%-al több hatóanyag szívódik fel

Treatment time: 60 minutes

SKIN-REGULATOR lymphatic drainage1 session7.000 Ft
Detoxifying, regenerating treatment5 sessions31.500 Ft
10 sessions59.500 Ft

Lymphodrainage therapy forms a vibrant and pumping effect in the deep connective tissue. It has a complex effect: increases lymphatic flow, with the aim of getting rid of toxins in the body, activates the cellular metabolism, strengthens the muscles, increases the function of epidermis.

Treatment time: 40 minutes

IONTO-SONO LDM1 session12.000 Ft
With one hydroabrasion treatment5 sessions54.000 Ft
With one abrasion treatment10 sessions99.000 Ft

IONTO-SONO LDM is a specific technology = LDM (Local Dynamic Micromassage). The program is based on the concept of using ultrasound waves with rapid change in frequency that creates pulsating pressure fluctuations within the tissues and causes a deep restorative massage effect. This unique technology is highly recommended to stimulate collagen formation, to treat cellulite, striae, reduce wrinkles and acne scars.

Professional treatment
LDM is a proven method to reduce wrinkles. Thanks to the dynamic change of the frequencies the duration of a professional anti-aging treatment is 40 minutes. A course of two sessions per week for 8 – 10 weeks is recommended. IONTO-SONO LDM is the most effective equipment of the professional cosmetic treatments.

The higher frequency untrasonic waves amplified through the LDM technology promote better water distribution, facilitate the production of collagen and elastin, and alter the network bondings in the conjunctive tissue. The LDM technology also has several effects on cells, like the stimulation of cell division, the promotion of protein synthesis, the modification of membrane structures, and the alteration of its functions and its permeability. Some results, such as skin tightening and wrinkle reduction are already observed after the first treatment.

Treatment time: 60 minutes

Face1 session21.900 Ft
5 sessions98.000 Ft
Face, neck, decolleté1 session27.900 Ft
5 sessions125.000 Ft

Anti-ageing treatment developed to promote the formation of collagen and elastin, hydrates and tones the skin (around the eyes and mouth, forehead, face, neck and décolleté). The current drives the concentrated active ingredients to the specific area of the skin. The program has a detoxifying, soothing and regenerating effect. It stimulates the immune system and reduces skin inflammations.
MESOLIFT - A program to rebuild the face contour, to relax tension lines and soften the wrinkles. Stimulates the proliferation of fibroblasts and reactivates the collagen synthesis, creating a lifting effect. It contains oat sugars that join the lipids of the skin and start an intermediate lifting effect.
MESOFILLER - Stimulates the functions of cells weakened by age. It has an anti-elastase, colagenase effect and promots the collagen synthesis. Rejuvenates the skin and stoppes the ageing process.
MESOBRIGHT - It has an anti-oxidant, anti-free radical activity and lightening effects for mature/dry skins.

Two steps to success
1. A precisely designed pincushion penetrates the skin barrier gently and tenderly with consistent depth. The disposable, sterile pincushion flexibly adjusts to the face shape. The 18 tiny needlepoints gently opens the skin barrier. 2. Iontophorese facilitates the blood circulation and the resorption of active agents. That is why one can notice convincing effects even after one treatment. Part of the active substances brought in is stored under the skin, and so develop their effects for a long time.

The treatment duration for information only, individuals may vary!
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